Ice Cream

Alish Dairy Products Co. (Setare Talaee Golestan) with having the most complete ice cream production line and equipment and with a skillful management group and personnel for production of ice cream with standard quality and package was established in order to service the ice cream distributors and purchasers all over the country …  Read More


Alish Co. is active in the field of production and distribution of dairy products along with the production of different types of ice cream with an independent management group and advanced production line in order to produce different types of yoghurt such as fresh yoghurt, flavored yoghurt, cream yoghurt, extracted yoghurt as well as different types of yoghurt drinks in enormous packages and with different flavors and finally production of milk in tetra packages with 200 cc size.  Read More

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Goelstan, Gonbad Kavus, Km 6 of Gomrok Road, Gonbad Industrial Zone

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