Perspective of Setare Talaee Golestan Co.

Setare Talaee Golestan Co. (Alish Co.) is the producer of the dairy products and different kinds of ice creams (ice cream, yoghurt, yoghurt drink, cheese, butter and so on), with using from the skilled and qualified technicians and consultants and professionals and with the modern technologies and full automatic equipment from Iran, Sweden, China and also conformation with the highest sanitary and health standards, in order to present Alish Brand as one of the honors of the Food Industries in Iran in Close Future.

The General Policies of the Company in order to Achieve to the Above Mentioned Objectives
1. Commitment to the National and International Law, Requirements and Regulations
2. Making a Creditable Brand
3. Exporting the Products to the Foreign Countries
4. Becoming one of the best Industrial Companies of the Country
5. Commitment to the Continuous Development of all of the Processes and Health of the Food Products
6. Security, Safety and Health in all of the Levels of the Organization
In order to Achieve to the Above Mentioned Objectives the Following Principles are followed:
1. Attempts in order to satisfy the Customers by Identification and Satisfying their needs
2. Implementation and Simplification of Food Safety Management System
3. Using from the High Quality Materials
4. Production of a healthy product through identification, investigation and controlling the risks and prevention from production of the unhealthy and unsafe products continuously.